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Basketball: Southeastern will host the 2017 county tournament.


My philosophy towards life has always been to be all in, because it’s too short to be anything but. I have applied this to sports, school, coaching, and anything I have ever invested my time in. For much of my life, I have succeeded in being true to myself. Once my heart and mind got on the same path, I knew that the decision I was contemplating was final. I have also learned that once my heart was no longer involved, it was time to move forward. After six years of being over and a part of, I have decided that it is time for me to step down for me to focus on my career path and future aspirations. After coming on board in the 2010-2011 school year, I had many ideas and goals that I wanted to achieve. I have dedicated all that I have to offer to the website in hopes of providing the student-athletes the exposure they deserve. The possibilities were endless, but I truly feel like I have carried my idea as far as the coaches and administration are willing to allow, outside of a select few. Having the passion for sports that I do, as well as the love to see others succeed, I will greatly miss my time covering the athletes and coaches of Blount County. I would like to thank Travis Gilliland, the original founder, for giving me this opportunity and trusting me in the decisions I saw fit to progress this idea. I also want to give thanks to all the great sponsors who made this possible to begin with. Most importantly, I want to thank the individuals who supported me in this journey. Without these people, and they know who they are, I could not have continued this for the six years that I have. Good luck to all the athletes and teams in their respective sport, I wish you nothing but the best.

Colton Costa

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